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Breaking news: SSii launches Mantra 3 - 3rd generation modular surgical robot

Has surgical robotics just got a new leader in modular surgical robotics?

SSii Mantra 3 surgical robot
SSii Mantra 3 surgical robot

Indian based SSii (SS Innovations Inc) has just dropped a surprise announcement on their new Mantra 3 modular robotics system with a hap of new features:

Potentially now the best and most capable modular soft tissue modular robot on the market.

5 arms (1 scope and 4 instruments ) can be used at the same time

Elimination of the "console" as a known console

AR headset

Removal of haptic arms to magnetic field controllers

New arm design

5G and RF telesurgery - with <100 m/s delay coming

Twin operator ability to use the 5 arms

Built in teleproctoring and video collection

40 plus instruments available - including a cardiac range

Initial view of 6 second cardiac vessel coupler

And don't forget the announcement by Surgical legend Fred Moll

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