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30 years of scar tissue crammed into 100 videos and 100 cheat sheets. Click the PDF  to see just how much information is in this unique course...



NEW Course : Pitch Perfect
The art of pitching to investors.

The knowledge is not always pretty... but it's essential

Everything I know, and you need to know, is right here in this massively comprehensive - but easy to digest video based self learning course. 100 short videos (with summary sheets) that can easily be watched between Teams Meetings (oh no that time doesn't exist), okay... when you have five minutes spare, or in those morning or afternoon breaks. 5 minute videos also make great bedtime watching! And I've made them with no on screen graphics to follow - so you can listen to them in your car like a podcast.
There is a 1 page PDF that accompanies each video - with supplementary information..

Surgeon starting a MedTech Startup

I've broken the knowledge into videos that are short and easy to digest... but packed with worldly advice that you just will not find in any conventional place. This is over thirty years of scar tissue, hard learnings and "ahah moments" from actually getting shit done in MedTech startups - multiple times. I'm part of the few successful serial startup leaders that inherently know this stuff. But it's never been shared before. This is your chance to know many of the secrets that we use daily to systematically repeat success after success.

Not yet convinced? You can try a couple of modules for free to see if you like the style and format.
But for the full knowledge - the real deal -  
you'll need to put your hand in your pocket and sign up for the full course.
So join the course now while it is still at the low introductory price of 799.00.

In Q2 the price will increase to the full price of 1999.00 Euros.


If you need even more convincing before you take this small risk...
Then maybe you're just not actually cut out for a MedTech startup... ;)


Let's talk about the value of this knowledge

I'm charging for the course to set a barrier for YOU: I want the barrier to be enough that when you invest, you are motivated to finish the course. If you don't have skin in the game - I guarantee you will not finish this course!!! No one does.

If you think the cost of this course is a bargain:  for getting 100 videos, work sheets, over 8 hours of content and 30 years of deep industry insight you will find no where else... then just start the course.
But if you think "that's a high price..." then let me set some context. This is aimed at professionals, and people that want to invest in success. It's less than half a day rate I charge for my consulting, or that most consultants will charge you for a fraction of the knowledge. It will bring you insights that can literally change if your startup sinks or swims. If I could have got access to this information at the start of my journey, I would have had a much higher success rate early on, and made millions faster. You have to see it is an investment in yourself, and a shortcut to understanding this super complex part of the business.
Ultimately... if you still think it's too much... then maybe you don't yet fully understand the challenges that lie ahead of you. If you are genuinely serious about MedTech startups, and are about to invest years of your life into doing this  - I think this might be the most important investment you'll make at the start.

Thanks for signing up

Before buying the course

Do spend five minutes to read our policies to make sure you and I are on the same page about what the T&Cs are, our refund policy and privacy policy

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