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Our Policies 

Much as no one likes to read the "small print" we want to be as open a transparent in plain English as possible. And we do encourage you to read the policies ahead of purchasing any course from us.

Terms & Conditions

The most basic T&C is that when you click the start now button, process your payments we deem that you have "bought access to the course." All course content remains the sole intellectual property of the author under copyright laws. You do not "own" the course or the course content. That means that the content is to be consumed by the subscriber of the course and is not for replication, download, registration, duplication or sharing. (Let's have the author make something here.)
Once the course is paid for you will gain access to the full online course. There is no expiry for running the course, no time frame to complete it in... but we will only guarantee that the course content will be active and online for 12 months from the date of purchase. It is recommended you consume the course within that period.
There is no restriction to how many times you can watch the course.

This course is for educational purpose only and there is no claim to guarantee success, it is formed from personal opinion and insights and does not constitute any form of success guarantee.


We genuinely hope that you find the course content useful and helpful. However there may be technical reasons that mean you just cannot watch the course. If technical issues on our platform make it unable to watch the course, then contact us at with a full description of the issue and we will do our best to resolve any technical issues within 30 days (it just takes time process these things). If we cannot resolve your technical issue to be able to follow the course we will refund within 60 days of the request for a refund.  Refunds will be via a bank to bank transfer to make it as easy as possible. 
Three sample modules are free and allow full exposure to the style and content type this course provides. Please go through the free modules prior to purchasing the course. 
Once the full course is purchased all sales are final.

Privacy Policy

First and foremost we do not and will not use any of your personal data for profit. We only collect your data to directly contact you regarding the course, reply to your emails and process any payments. We do not sell or resell any of your data, or give to third parties. As per most sensible local laws - should you wish to "be forgotten" or "know what data we had on file" we will gladly ensure that you are deleted or supplied with a report on what data we have on file. We have no interest in being a data broker and we will not pass your data on to any third parties (except in the course of processing the payments the credit card companies will want to know who you are). We should able to see your progress through the course with the email you have supplied to the sign up. But that's about it. 
We assume that if you sign up to our "contact us" page - you wish to be contacted. If that changes just let us know.
To contact us about data privacy - or any related issues you can contact the data privacy officer through our one simple email - 


All content in this website is the copyright of the authors and remains the copyrighted property of the authors. All trademarks and registered trademarks mentioned - or eluded to are the property of the rightful trademark owners. Much of the information in this site is proprietary and remains the copyrighted property of the authors but they do allow "fair use" clauses.
If you have any questions over rights or usage of the materials please contact

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