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Are you building a

MedTech Startup?

Join the Online Courses
Now and learn the real secrets to
MedTech Startups  

(Forget all the fluff and just get me to THE FREE LESSONS I Need help now !!)

Expert in MedTech startups Steve Bell

I'm here to help you

Hi I'm Steve Bell - I have over thirty years of experience in MedTech, and for over ten years worked in multiple startup divisions within Johnson & Johnson. Importantly, I've  also spent two decades doing hard core MedTech startups across the globe. I've raised over $1.5 B in capital, and helped to build the biggest Medical Device Unicorn in Europe. I've had successes and failures - and seen it all in startups.
Crucially... I know what works and what doesn't. 
Now I want to share that thirty years of hard won knowhow with you - to make you and your startup succeed. Join the over 100 course participants now!
When I say STARTUP I don't just mean brand new businesses - I'm talking to anyone in Seed, Series A, B, C or even D. Everyone needs help at every stage of their startup.

Who needs this secret knowledge?

It doesn't matter if you're:

  • A first time startup risk taker

  • A seasoned startup pro

  • A young entrepreneur 

  • A big company professional that wants to break into startups

  • An investor

  • A clinician inventor

  • Someone in the middle of running a startup that needs advice

  • Or just someone that wants to know how MedTech startups work

Then this proprietary knowledge, and hard earned experience will help you in some way - as you walk that difficult path with the startup​.

Craig T. Ingram: "This course is Platinum in a bronze world.... This course is very inexpensive out of your pocket… yet the content is 100% worth way more!"



Antonio Portuesi, MBA: "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. Don't let another opportunity pass you by. Seize the moment and prepare the terrain to plant your seed."

Failed medtech startup

Why do so many MedTech Startups fail?

There are a few common reasons why MedTech startups fail. Lack of knowledge of the industry, applying big company thinking to startups, not understanding the right steps to a startup. Raising bad money from the wrong people. Hiring the wrong type of people to build a startup. Or simply the idea was bad and should have been killed at the start of the project.

Having lived for thirty years within good and bad MedTech startups - I want to share the secrets I've learned through those years. I'll help you understand what makes the difference between success and failure. This exclusive knowledge (in over 100 short videos) will arm you to make less mistakes - and have a higher chance of being one of the success stories.

Why should I pay for this knowledge?

Think about it like this.  If just one of these video lessons gets you a single valuable insight... it could save you years in development, prevent bad hires, prevent the wrong investors getting in, stop some simple... but really bad decisions. Even better,  it will give you all the short cuts to starting up a successful MedTech business that I wish I knew when I started. 
All of this could not only increase your
chances of getting to the exit... but could save you and your company vast sums of money (I mean stupidly big money gets burned by simple mistakes) and the pain that goes with it.
It could
literally mean the difference between success and failure.
Trust me - This is a small investment for massive potential savings. 
And I guarantee you will not find this information - all these real world lessons learned - anywhere else. This is no "Theoretical Bullshit course." This is hard core life lessons learned though doing it - having successes - and being part of some train wrecks.
You won't find this knowledge in books, management courses or on google.
For less than the cost of one day of a consultant - you get thirty years of industry insights.


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