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These are my recommendations for some of the services that will help you with your startup. They have deep expertise in both MedTech but importantly StartUps.

Please make sure you say you came from How to StartUp in MedTech.

The Mullings Group MedTech Recruitment

The Mullings Group - Delray Beach, FL

"People are your #1 asset. We work closely with emerging tech leaders in order to build successful teams.

We teach startups how to think differently about attracting talent."

Visit and have Joe and his team guide you through an effective recruitment startegy.

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Craig T Ingram - Leander, TX 

"We offer comprehensive problem-solving and integrated advisory services for all size medical  and healthcare technology companies desiring a more effective; commercialisation strategy, implementation process, tactical execution plan."

Visit and have Craig and his team give you professional guidance on how to build a winning commercial strategy.

Tribe MedTech Brand Agency

Tribe Agency - Newport CA

"Marketing is what grabs people’s attention. Branding is what keeps them coming back for more. Your brand is one of the most important long-term investments your company can make—one that, if done properly, will yield returns over the lifetime of your business. Think of your brand as your company’s most valuable asset. You want to boost the value of your company, then boost your brand."

Visit and have Stephanie and her team guide you through the branding process - use code STEVEB30 for a 30% discount off the first services.

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Preferred Regulatory Consulting 

"Preferred Regulatory Consulting provides regulatory, quality, and clinical services to medical device and pharmaceutical companies at all stages of their development. We assist with products in all three medical device classes, including software products, active implantable devices, combination products as well as pharmaceutical products."

Visit where Plamena and her team can answer your questions around regulatory issues.

AngelThink by Phil McSweeney

One of the hardest parts of starting. startup is getting that initial investment into the company. Part of the magic of getting money is to start to think like an investor. In this book you will get some wisdom from an Angel investor that has been there and done it. A great companion read for my course.

Visit to download your copy.

Effective Programme management for MedTech Startups

Gerry Doyle Project Management - UK

"I am an accomplished leader with a relentless focus on driving meaningful outcomes, having consistently delivered multi-million-dollar global initiatives on plan for over 15 years. My expertise spans project and programme management, new product development and introduction, and operational excellence, where I bring a wealth of expertise to every endeavour to yield tangible results."

Contact Gerry Doyle where he will help you to build a critical programme and project management structure for your startup.



If you have an early stage idea and need design development / prototyping / early manufacturing support then reach out to the team at ThinkMedTek for some early stage support and help.

Visit their site ThinkMedTek  to get an idea of costs - and book a consultation.

The strong startup

The Strong StartUp

This team helps early start ups with setting the right foundation for their work ahead. Early customer development is critical, better business model development, product & regulatory roadmapping are some of the services they offer to fledgling startups.

Visit their site The Strong Startup  to contact them.

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We have significant experience working across Innovation & Technology, and Management Consulting. Within these sectors, Autus recruits mid to senior, and Board level individuals with a general focus on strategic growth. Having worked with early stage start-ups, through to global organisations, and are proud to be a recruitment partner that truly delivers on behalf of our clients.

Visit their site Autus  to contact them.

Djangoheads Logo


We are an IT company specializing in Python and Django development
We accelerate software deployment and reduce development & project maintenance costs, guided by the SDLC standard enabling rapid Enterprise deployment.

Visit their site DJANGOHEADS to contact them.

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