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PART 2 ONLY: How to build and run a startup in MedTech

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Buy as you go: GET ACCESS TO PART 2 ONLY: Buy the course in chunks but pay more in the end. Your choice. PART 2: This is the mid part of the startup journey taking you from Series B to Initial commercialisation. NOTE: The full course was designed to be a complete journey so make sure you complete the full course. Much of this part will make more sense when you hit the end conclusions. Full course: Over 30 years of MedTech startup experience is crammed in to 100 short but packed videos and cheat sheets. Advice, scar tissue, learnings and all the secrets you need to build a successful startup in MedTech. The knowledge is often not pretty but it is essential to avoid the pitfalls that make most startups fail. You get Steve "full on" and raw, often brutal. It includes shortcuts, advice, and gems that will help you make better decisions in running the startup. The essential guide for anyone just starting a MedTech startup or anyone already running one (and perhaps struggling). You will not find this real world advice in any business school, textbook or web article. BE WARNED: Often contains tough advice and strong language This is the introductory pricing which will rise in the next few months - so grab the course NOW !

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