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Latest developments in Surgical Robotics From SRS 2024 (Society of Surgical Robotics)

Review of SRS 2024 Steve Bell
Review of SRS 2024 Steve Bell

Robotic Updates

Sorry disclaimer first - there were tons of amazing “non surgical” robots at SRS and I will cover them in details - but this is to cover the ever expanding surgical robotics space.

If you’re in this space you can learn about the systems that were at SRS from my perspective by interacting with them all and discussing from the floor — “So what do you think?” With attendees.

Some very interesting insights - a bit long but as usual some very provocative statements.

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Da Vinci 5

I finally got to meet the da Vinci 5 face to face and got a great test drive.

It’s everything I thought it would be from Intuitive - and the quality and build is just top notch.

I won’t opine again about all the great things about it - it is just the leader and set to be the leader.

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