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Ottava Surgical Robot : First Early review and sadly concerns

Okay - take this as what it is. It's knowledge of surgical robotics, it's patent scraping, it's early image analysis, and above all, specultion on those initial images.

But here's why I'm concerned for Ottava from Johnson & Johnsion Medtech.

Note this may be completely wrong but in lack of other evidence - these are my conclusions

Verb patents pre Ottava
Verb patents pre Ottava

So the concept of Ottava surgical robot is a bed that forms the body of the robot - and then 4 arms that come from under the bed - come up past the patient and reach the patient.

Basically the bed is the robot.

The concept is that it has "zero" footprint in the OR.

It has integrated table motion "Twin Motion"

The arms fold away under the table when not used so it "saves space"

So today I got the first non patent images (Credit Tom Salemi) of the Ottava... and well.. I've been concerned for a while... and now I'm super concerned.

First images of Ottava bed mounted arms
First images of Ottava bed mounted arms

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