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Strategies to sell against "Modular" Main frame robots

The second in my series of "Strategies to sell against": I now focus my attention on how - If I was selling a boom robot or a mini robot - I would sell against the modular main frames. That's Hugo, Senhance, Versius, SSI Mantra and Carina style robots

All good robots - don't get me wrong - but like all products there are Pros and Cons. And if I was out there today selling against them - these are some of the strategies I would use. Again - try not to bash the competition - it's never a great strategy - but I'd definitely be pumping my strengths which would highlight their weaknesses.

One of many modular robots
One of many modular robots

Complexity of set up

There are many advantages that come with modular robotics - I should know - I sold the most successful modular robot to date.

But If I was a "boomer" the one thing I would be pushing hard is - with a boom you get a much simpler set up. You dock the one single boom to one side or the other side of the table - "That's it." One position - one placement and one set up.

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