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Surgical Stapling in Surgical Robotics - the next frontier

Indulge me: I want to make sure you understand the following content, so I need to give some background for surgical stapling in surgical robotics:

History of surgical stapling

Types of staplers

Techniques with staplers

Why staplers are critical in laparoscopy

Which procedures staplers excel in

The stapler market

The issue with Staplers

daVinci staplers

What makes a good robotic stapler

What could Medtronic, JNJ, the others do

The impact of staplers on the robotic market

Future direction of robotic staplers

I want you to understand this or it will not make much sense when I get to the robotic staplers and the nuances of the importance of those staplers.

Introduction to surgical stapling

Surgical stapling has been a "staple" (pun intended) of advanced surgery since the 1980's (earlier if you go back to the days of the original Russian staplers.)

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