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The bridge between manual laparoscopy and robotic assisted surgery: Advanced Assisted Laparoscopy (AAL)

Updated: Apr 18

It is clear that for many sites of care, many countries, many health systems, many procedures and many surgeons - the answer is not always an Intuitive style Robotic Assisted Surgery (RAS).

There are numerous reasons why this is not always the answer such as:

Short procedure lengths don’t merit long robot set up times.

Budget - some procedures just don’t have a level of reimbursement that can support a full RAS case.

Some surgeons just don’t want to give up manual laparoscopy and learn RAS.

Some operating rooms just can’t fit a full mainframe robot in them.

Work flow can dictate that you don’t need RAS for the full procedure - and it needs to be “moved elsewhere” during the case.

Or there is just no robot available ever or on that day.

The list goes on and on. It is not so clear cut ,and black or white that something should be done RAS or should still be done as a manual lap case.

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