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The future of MedTech Commercialisation

Delighted to sit and talk with one of the commercialisation masters of MedTech Omar M. Khateeb (Check his linked in Bio for more content.)

In this episode we are discussing the changing face and approaches to medical device commercialisation. It's 2024 and the way companies must approach the market, the customer, their sales teams is very different.

We can no longer rely on traditional commercialisation methods of "Rep to surgeon sell" - as the complexity has gone up - we must match that with commercialisation sophistication.

Rewards must match the driven behaviours.

Funnels need to be created in a digital world.

The complexity of large capital sales must be understood better.

It doesn't matter if you're a startup, a major corporation, a marketing team, a leadership team or a sales rep:

Find out more in this episode...

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