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Welcome on the first step to a better Start Up

Steve Bell MedTech Startup expert

Let me help you

I'm Steve and I know what I have in my head can really help you. Over thirty years of grinding away in global MedTech, you learn a lot . I've seen the corporate side from within giants like
Johnson & Johnson, and also during my hard graft of over twenty years of building MedTech startups across the world. So what's important for you is that I have a lot of scar tissue and lessons learned.

I've been involved in raising over $1.5 B of venture capital into medical device ideas and startups. And I've seen how that is spent well... and badly. I've seen great decisions and I've seen disastrous decisions. I've had successes and most importantly failures. I want to share those three decades of pain, learning, fun, wisdom, stupidity and everything that I wish I knew when I started doing startups.
I'm here to help you make less mistakes, waste less money, waste less time working it out - and give you a greater chance of having a successful MedTech StartUp.

Free Lesson 1
Have Big Ideas
Free Lesson 2
Building the Early Team
Free Lesson 3
Early Team of Doers

In 100 short videos - taking less than ten hours of your time... I'm going to give you insights and secrets that took me thirty years to learn...

So you can hack the MedTech StartUp code

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