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Controversial market share numbers for soft tissue robotic surgery?

So during the SRS 2024 meeting I opened with a keynote talk on the current and future landscape of the soft tissue robotic surgery market. Download it here

My final graph is my personal projection of where all the companies end up with market share in the next 10 years. So by 2034. This was my prediction here.

10 year market share prediction soft tissue surgical robotics
10 year market share prediction soft tissue surgical robotics

Now this upset many people - not least some folks at Johnson & Johnson and Medtronic.

Actually even other companies were saying they think they would do way more than my meagre predictions. But before you all hang me, you need to understand that there is a lot of logic behind these numbers. And I do encourage all marketing teams, managers and C-suite to take a step back and understand how I got to these numbers. Here's how you get to the market value and then the market share with the reality behind the numbers.

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