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UPDATED: Intuitive daVinci Gen 5 - so what's still expected

Updated: Mar 15

IMPORTANT UPDATED 15th March 2024:

Following the release of the DV Information I have made a companion report with details of the system as released.

Check out the companion post - you have access with this report :

This report still contains more details about the system that have yet to be released

Recently at the Q4 investor update Gary Guthart and the Intuitive management dropped hints to what might be in the upcoming Generation 5 of their multiport robotic system.

Building on the direction that I already see the market going in - knowing what the market is asking for - understanding what hints are out there - and the hints dropped by the team. Here's what I think we could expect from a daVinci Generation 5.

daVinci Gen 5 comes after the Xi
daVinci Gen 5 comes after the Xi

10,000 X computing power on the daVinci Generation 5:

So this was the big first hint as to what upgrade the system will get. But hey... that always sounds impressive - wow 10,000 X more computing power! But let's also get a grip. 10K X more computing power has been the norm in all fields of computing. You have to remember the Xi was launched in 2014 so we are 10 years on just in our computing power in general. Your laptops today boast those kind of improvements in CPU and especially GPU processing power. So okay - we step past the hype - what could they do with that extra computing power is the main question.

Image processing improvements:

In general the entire image chain will have benefitted from a modernisation (I'll come on to that later) but with this increase in processing power they will start to be able to do some cool things with imaging that the Xi cannot do with on board software:

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