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Is Medtronic’s Venture into soft tissue surgical robotics with HUGO struggling?

Updated: Jul 3

Medtronic HUGO soft tissue surgical Robot
Medtronic HUGO soft tissue surgical Robot

Up front disclaimer:

It’s really important for me to stress up front that I am in no way intending to troll HUGO and Medtronic. Far from it. I’m the biggest advocate of their being multiple competitive platforms out there on the market. Competition is good for patients.

I also have a very strong respect for Medtronic as a historical medical device company - that has done some amazing things.

So I need you to read this as an interpretation of what I am seeing real world with HUGO. The feedback I get from multiple global sources. Information dripped in from actual users, former users, and industry experts.

Some of this comes from factual based sources (Government bulletins), some is more akin to hearsay, some is speculation on my part by joining the dots.

But with all that said - I want to explain why I’ve come to the conclusion that Medtronic is struggling with HUGO. Let’s dive in.

The concerning noise in the market about Medtronic HUGO

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