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What's next in soft tissue surgical robotics - Part 1- Main Frames (Exclusive Content)

Updated: Jan 24

It's an exciting time in surgical robotics. As the former CCO of CMR Surgical - I know this market very well. It was my job... Read this post for my predictions of what exciting changes are coming in the next 24 months including daVinci Gen 5. Get a subscription to read all exclusive content on surgical robotics, AI, new robotic systems, Instruments, vision systems for 12 months @ just 19.99

Currently there are a few formats of surgical robots on the market. From the large "Main frames" such as Intuitive's daVinci - or Medtronic's modular Hugo - or new entrants like Medicaroid. There are also "lighter" - low acuity systems such as Distal Motion or Moon Surgical's Maestro. Scaling all the way down to mini format robots such as Virtual incision and Vicarious surgical. Today I'm going to focus on the main frames and what I think is potentially coming to main frames in the next two years - changes to take them to the next level. I have no inside information, and these are just speculations based on seeing the direction of travel and understanding the demands of the market.

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