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Strategies to sell against Intuitive's amazing da Vinci 5

I'm going to start by prefacing this post with a disclaimer.

I love the da Vinci 5 - I think Intuitive has stepped up to the challenge of competition and is absolutely killing it with their marketing / market leadership / and roll out of this product.

Intuitive Da Vinci 5
Intuitive Da Vinci 5

They have stepped into a new segment - and although not going to directly punch tower systems like Stryker, Olympus, Storz on the nose (I don't believe it's their intention) - the DV5 tower strategy will cause vast collateral damage for those companies.

I'm utterly pro Intuitive at the minute - but in an effort to bring some balance to the world of soft tissue surgical robotics, and minimal access surgery. I'm going to put my hypothetical hat back on, and give you my insights (for what they are worth) into how I would be selling against da Vinci 5 if I was on the road today with an alternative offering.

I'm going to say this one more time - the worst strategy you can have is to rip into a product or company - and that goes 100X more when it is the utter market leader with a class leading product. Don't do it.

Instead as I discussed in my "How to sell against Boom robots" read it here - you need to play a judo move and use the features of that product against them by highlighting your own benefits.

Start with a solid strategy of your own product not bashing da Vinci 5

I cannot stress this enough - sell your own strengths.

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