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What more to expect in the Exclusive Content section in the coming months

Updated: Jan 24

Over the coming months I will of course be doing a series of deep dives in to specifics around:

Soft tissue robotic surgery

  • AI in surgical robotics and what's next for AI in surgical robots

  • Deep dive into single port systems (SP, Vicarious, Virtual Incision, Titan)

  • Deep dive into "Light" medical robots (Moon Surgical, Distal Motion)

  • Endolumenal robotics (Endoquest, Ion, Monarch)

  • Advanced imaging systems (The next generation of imaging and smart imaging)

  • Advanced energy (Best applications in surgical robotics)

  • Stapling on surgical robots

  • Digital ecosystems

  • Deep dive into how to sell the robots

  • "Boom robots" Pros and cons

  • "Modular robots"Pros and cons

  • "Single incision robots" pros and cons

  • and much more (so sign up for the access subscription)

Beyond that there will be some deeper insights into general MedTech advice

  • Emerging trends in MedTech

  • Best practices for product commercialisation

  • New tools for delivering marketing assets

  • The changing face of product demos

  • How to become a "Digital company" for analogue companies

  • and a host of other insightful articles

All course participants get access included . For non course participants simply purchase an access subscription from the subscription page above.

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